Monday, April 25, 2005

And So It Begins...

This blog is as much personal challenge as anything else. It has been said that you learn something new every day. My goal is to record that new piece of knowledge that I acquire here for posterity. One new thing every day.

In aid of this, I have created a new word - circadianoesis - the title of this blog. Its definition is above, so I won't repeat it, but for the etymologically curious, it is a combination of two existing words: circadian (recurring every 24 hours) and noesis (understanding/learning). Yes, this is a combination of Latin- and Greek-rooted words, but I like 'noesis' better than any of the Latin equivalents.

Now, we all hear a lot of stuff every day, be it from friends, books, TV or the Internet. So, here are the ground rules for what is considered to be circadianoesis.
  1. No News is Circadianoesis. Current events can lead to new knowledge, but do not count in and of themselves. Finding out the name of the new pope does not qualify. Digging around and finding out the electoral procedure for selecting a new pope would count.
  2. Veritas, Veritas! The new knowledge must be verifiable truth. Within a week of being posted, the circadianoesis must have at least two reliable sources to back it up. Sources include:
    • Reference texts (encyclopaedia, dictionaries, etc)
    • Physical evidence
    • Research data
    • Quotes from experts in an appropriate field
New rules may become apparent over time. Let the games begin!

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Anonymous said...

I was searching for just such a work and found your blog. Great use of language. Enjoy your journey!