Monday, May 02, 2005

Sex in 'The Lion King'?

Category: Trivia
Apparently in one or two scenes in Disney's 'The Lion King' the letters S-E-X are spelled out. This is disputed to be either figments of paranoid parents' imaginations or actually S-F-X (Special FX).

Where I learned it:
A discussion during lunch where one participant accidentally ordered 'chocolate donuts' instead of 'chocolate croissants', leading to malapropisms, anachronisms and Freudian slips, leading to the topic above.



Cristiani said...

Hi David,

I found your blog by chance...About what you wrote...I have heard that in all disney film they have or words or sth that leads to sex. I don't know...I have never paid attention and for me this is just paranoia.
My name is Cris and I am Brazilian but I am living in Norway now.
By the way..I really liked the name of your blog..very insteresting.

David Peterson said...

Yeah, I had heard there were subliminal messages in a bunch of Disney movies, but hadn't heard about the Lion King one before. Urban legends mostly, I suspect. I'll have to look the Lion King more carefully next time I watch it.